There are some different types of aliens discovered by us. The must common one is the grey alien, they say the  greys are around 1.30 m high
with large dark eyes. They come here using flying saucers and ufo’s that travel faster then the speed of light. Meaning they are not ALIEN at all !
They travel too fast for our dimension, they break the law of physics and that’s impossible ! Several scientist have made this discovery that the glowing
balls in the sky that travel that fast are not from here, they can go really really fast, but not that fast like they are teleporting trough the sky. Even
when they have really advanced technology they cannot break the law of physics with it.

So remember ppl, these things are NOT aliens, they are interdimensional beings probably from the 4th dimension. And the way we see those aliens, are not
how they really look like, because they just take a 3th dimension form when they come here, cus we cannot see their 4th dimensional appearance. Or they dont want
us to know how they look like and that they come from another dimension. One thing ppl, these things arent our friends. They never come in peace.

If you want more info on this, if you wanne know in detail who they are, why are they here and all other questions, take the path to enlightenment and you will find out EVERYTHING !

This one has been found in Russia in 2011.

alien autopsy rosswel

This is a picture of the Roswell alien autopsy at Area 51.

Here some more random pics: