On the 29th July 2013 there are six planets aligning to in astrological terms a  – Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the Moon.  Viewed on an astrological chart it will be seen as the star of David.  This is very rare – in fact  one of the last times this alignment happened was 7th February 1945, the beginning of the end of WWII.  World leaders had a meeting to end world war two and to plan the future of Europe now the end of the war was assured.

So what can we expect this time round?

We will align to these energies, meditate and come together to celebrate these new energies coming in and the changes they bring to us.  Connecting to the divine light we will also send out positive energy to the earth, world leaders and all those in need. Join in on this meditation, lets meditate together on this day! Lets reshape the world into the garden of Eden for all !

If interested in this subject you really should check out this online pdf 

planetary alignment 2013 july 29

Star of David alignment